H.E. Katalin Bogyay: Hungary and the UN- 1956-2016

Date: 1 December 2016, 4.00 p.m.

Venue: Kőszeg, Europe house (9730 Kőszeg, Chernel u. 14.)


Hungary was joined to the UN in 1955.
One year later - after the revolution againts the Hungarian and the Soviet communist has been failed, - Hungary was the most controversial political question in New York.
Why records, documents, confessions and files have been hidden for decades in the Columbia University by the UN political bureaucracy?
After many years long proccess, Ambassador Bogyay Katalin will tell how to achieve the opening.



      Dr. Dezső Boda: Memetics: An evolutionary model of social dynamics
       21 November  2016, 15.00


       Memetics: An evolutionary model of social dynamics


    o   What is a replicator? What are selfish genes?
    o   Are there replicators in society? Are there selfish memes?
    o   Are we really just meme machines?
    o   Mind viruses. Are we really programmed?
    o   Can we reprogram ourselves?


       Date: 21 November  2016, Tuesday at 15.00
       Venue: Sgraffito-House, Kőszeg, Jurisics Tér 7.  iASK Library



XXI. International Summer University, KőszegJune 19 - July 1, 2016





Cooperation and Conflict Symposium

Presentations by the members of the Szathmáry group at Eötvös University

May 23-24. 2016, Europe House, 9730 Kőszeg, Chernel street 14.

Monday (23rd of May) 14:30
Tuesday (24th of May) 9:30

More information HERE:

25-26 April 2016, 10:00 Europe House, Kőszeg, Chernel street 14.
Networks: the Economy of Connection - Jaap van Till

19 April 2016, 10:00 Europe House, Kőszeg, Chernel street 14.
Dialogue among World Religions - Szabolcs Szuromi&Slomó Köves

Szabolcs Szuromi (rector, PPKE) and Slomó Köves (EMIH)

Topic: Dialogue among World Religions



Phone: +36 94 563 055
Address: Chernel u. 14. 9730 Kőszeg, Hungary